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Why go Social…

January 4, 2010

A good friend of mine, Adrian Garza, always says that the media is the ultimate deceiver of mankind because they can manipulate the idea or message to lure people into a specific direction. In a sense, I believe every person can lead in the social media world because everyone has their own ideas and opinions that has yet to be heard. Social media is a valuable part of everyday life because it keeps everyone connected in the world we live today. How many of us take time to sit down to write a letter? I can’t even remember when was my last time that I wrote letter because of the convince of emailing or instant messaging or even networking sites. Social media can be use to raise awareness of many things. It can also be use to express a person feeling about a topic or even a company. There was a commercial not too long ago where this guy was being carried to his hotel room by two workers all because of good ratings from the guy. Everybody has something to say, but many people are scared to say it because they don’t want other people to think wrong of them. So take this challenge and speak your mind.

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  1. B.G. Smith permalink*
    January 6, 2010 12:32 am

    So, do you fear social media’s enabling power to give less-informed people the opportunity to persuade, or do you welcome it?

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