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How social media targets the fat girls

January 5, 2010

Social media matters because of the potential numbers of people you can reach. It’s a virtually free way to reach out to millions of consumers that you may miss with TV commercials and traditional advertising. Over 300 million people have a Facebook account, MySpace still has user counts in the high 8 if not 9 digits, and twitter is expected to have close to 20 million adult users in the US by the end of  the year while the top rated TV shows only bring in 10 to 20 million viewers who may or may not have TiVo or DVR.

More and more people turn to each other for the real feedback about a product rather than a companies fluff filled press release. For example, as a soon to be first time mother, I’ve spent hours online reading about what’s the best brand of stroller, bottle, etc. not on the company’s site, but on blogs and consumer review sites such as amazon. While I criticize the people who write these reviews as having no lives and make fun of the picture they posted of their alien baby using the product, I trust their thoughts and opinions and base 90% of my buying decision on them.

Social media also allows for zeroing in on a niche market and making a product just for them. A good example of this is the Reebok EasyTone. It’s an ingenious idea. Tell women with weakened self esteems that they can have better legs and a better butt just by wearing this shoe. They claim it will increase muscle activation in the glutes by 28 percent and calves by 11 percent. Which is essentially the same result you get from walking. So why does social media target fat girls? Because they’re a big target market.

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