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Lost in Translation

January 5, 2010

It’s easy for people to get lost in the vacuum of the internet. They become completely consumed by it, and the big question is who really cares?? Some of the things that are put on the internet aren’t even seen by many people because there is so much to see on the internet. It is the most competitive business with Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc. The article, Using Social Media to Listen to Consumers makes a good point about the Johnson & Johnson ad. The women who got so upset because they claimed that the ad was making the “sling” a fashionable carry-on for your baby, so the company took down the ad was really only seen by about 10% of women. That 10% were women who obviously are very connected with social media and follow all the major brands. Although, I can say as a mother myself, I don’t remember anything about a Johnson & Johnson Motrin ad that advertised the sling, but even if I did it wouldn’t make me turn against the company and try to take the ad away. I think the slings are cute! Social media is a great outlet to get consumers involved and help companies decide which direction to go in, but there is always the lesson that the company still needs to do most of the leg-work and not let the social media run the company.

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