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We the Gatekeepers

January 5, 2010

Social media is the best way to get news that matter to you. Social media is composed by people just like you that do not necessarily hold a journalism degree, or know anything about the six news values, and they don’t have to know AP Style. Through social media, people can get information about what matters to them. You can get a quick view on the latest story about a company’s new product, see the latest pictures about an important person’s  (according to you) vacation, or simply read the latest philosophical entry in a person’s blog.

One of the benefits of social media is that we get to determine what’s important according to our own interests. And if we want to know more information about a particular subject or event, we don’t have to wait until a certain newscast to know all the details. All we have to do is dig in to find all the information we want. And this is another benefit of social media in the era of Web 2.0– that media is updated minute by minute, and we can enjoy the most fresh and accurate information; sometimes getting details from an event that it’s happening at the moment, live!

Social media has become a very important channel to spread the word across millions of people at a very cost-effective way in no time. And because– I will dare to say– it is more informal than other media outlets and it’s more personal, it also helps develop and keep relationships with key publics by engaging them with a company or organization.  As a public relations major, I believe in the importance of establishing and maintaining a good relationship with my organization’s stakeholders, and social media is one of the most effective tools to do so. Social media is where my publics can get all the information that matters to them; it is more personal and more interactive, as they can easily make their voice heard to my organization, to therefore foster two-way symmetrical communication that is key for maintaining a solid mutually beneficial relationship.

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