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AHA site gets a thumbs up

January 8, 2010

The American Heart Association’s web site is one of the most simple and informative sites, not to mention it is very easy to navigate around. When you first visit the home page it is a simple, three column site. Everything is labeled and very self explanatory. There are separate pages established for patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and even researchers. AHA’s site also has an abundant amount of useful information, not only about heart attacks, strokes, etc., but about healthy living, warning signs of heart problems and how to donate to the organization. A quick, easy way AHA established how current they are is having today’s date  posted at the top of the page. There is even a place to plug in your zip code to obtain more information about your local community. One of my favorite features of this site was the social media application on the front home page. The application is a Daily Walking Guide to motivate people to get active and stay healthy after all those New Year resolutions. I think this widget is catering to their audience and adapting to new developments in social media, as well as still staying true to the organizations values and promoting health. Overall, the web site offered everything and then some on any and everything you would want to learn or research about the AHA.

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