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eBay’s Ways Keep You Coming Back Their Way

January 8, 2010

It’s a known fact that no one person will ever be able to surf the entire internet.  Each and every day, at least four or five brand new websites go up every day.  But even if that was the case, a web surfer will have a list of his or her favorite sites which they will visit daily because of its services and convenience.  One site that does a great job on keeping its customers coming back is  If you become an active member, after your first transaction, it keeps track of what you bought and recommends similar items based on how the item you bought functions.  It also informs you with daily specials.  Almost literally every time you log in, there is an unbelievable deal on an item you may like based on past purchases.  There’s also the popular “Buy Now” option on items in high demand.  Don’t feel like going through the waiting and watching game that is the bid process?  Well wait no more, as you can cut right to the chase and buy that popular gadget that the entire world is sold out of in every Best Buy, Target, and Walmart! also offers its customers PayPal, a safer way of paying for a purchase.  You also do not have to pay for won items immediately.  eBay offers a grace period that allows you to wait on payment of an item for a certain amount of days, making this option popular for someone waiting on their next paycheck to assure they do not go broke buying something.  If you do decide to participate in a bid war, eBay notifies you in the closing minutes when the item will no longer be up for grabs.  You can watch the countdown clock provided so you can make that last second bid and punch the “Place Bid” button with 3 seconds left!  And finally, even if you don’t win, eBay suggests the same item in a list by other sellers, so you can still buy the same thing, just from a different seller.  eBay does an outstanding job catering to its customers.  It’s a store that never sells out or shuts down.

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