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Sports Radio

January 8, 2010

During this new obsession of getting constantly updated with news and analysis, websites have created their websites to fit those needs. We as the public now want to share our views with everyone,even if we have no knowledge of what we are talking. 790the is a prime example of how this obsession has shaped their websites and fan interaction. A few years back right out of high school I found the radio station and I loved it, no gimmicks, no jokes non related to sports ,it’s what I liked!!!. The website since then has changed a lot, when you enter the website you can contact the radio personality at the time and you can  instant message him and you get a response within 5 to 10 min(depending who you instant messaged). Also they have placed a bulletin board that its constantly updated by the listeners that sign up to the website. The website does a great job interacting with the listeners, they even send you a happy birthday notice (even thou I know is automated I still appreciate the gesture). They constantly give blogs about what it’s going in sports and they create podcasts so you don’t miss anything of the days show. Overall they connected with me by giving me what I wanted.

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