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Starbucks: More than just coffee

January 8, 2010

Starbucks does a great job informing its customers about the latest news and even giving them the power to voice their ideas about what Starbucks can do differently to improve their business. The front page of the site isn’t over run with flashy graphics and videos and it’s very easy to navigate. My favorite thing about the website is that it links to a separate site called At this site customers can make suggestions such as items that should be added to the menu, what should be done with left over pastries, and recycling practices that Starbucks should start to incorporate.

This isn’t just a site they put up for fun, they are actually listening to their customers and even using customers ideas to make their business better for all. Such things as customer rewards cards, wifi, and custom tumblers where all ideas that came from the Starbucks customers directly. On most comments posted to the site a Starbucks employee took the time to write back and offer solutions to issues. By doing this they show they care about what their customers think and strive to make things better by being proactive through their website.

Starbucks is also very involved in social networking. From their website they direct customers to their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel. They also provide a link to download a Starbucks app to for your cell phone which keeps them current.

All round Starbucks has done well with keep people engaged with their website that their company.

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