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The greatest Amazon since Wonder Woman…

January 8, 2010 is my friend! At least its all-encompassing website is.

Oh sure, it’s not like we hang out or anything. It doesn’t remember my birthday or even invite me over to watch football. But when I visit the website it says “Hello Erik Noriega” and tells me it has recommendations for me. It’s like it’s listening to my dreams and wishes and putting a list together of stuff that I may want!

By the way if you want to get me a gift please visit my “gifts and wishes” section on Amazon…

I love that I can go and just browse like in the real world, too. I can shop for almost everything.  Like my mother-in-law, who will walk around a store for hours (seriously hours), with a shopping cart full of stuff she will never actually buy, I can also stuff my cart full of stuff I have no intention of ever buying. Does get angry at me or judge me? No!

My favorite thing about is that it lets me voice my opinion on any of the thousands of products that it offers! You can too! That screen protector for your iPod didn’t work out? Then slam it and the company that makes it on I say! Did you love that quirky album by Matt & Kim? Then tell the world how much you enjoyed it!

Where else can you rant about almost anything? Well sure, your personal blog like this one. And I guess a street corner. This is America after all… but still.

Speaking of this being America, some people will complain that is running “the little” guy out of business. Isn’t that the American Way? Don’t we subscribe to the theory of “survival of the fittest?”

I won’t get all Spencer and Darwin today, but perhaps is the evolution of the big box store. Perhaps it’s just a new model of doing business.  It’s the future. doesn’t have the fanciest website, but it loads quickly and is laid out well. And in the end, unlike most of my real friends, it remembers that my name is Erik. With a “k.”

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  1. "Little" Jimmy Dickens permalink
    January 8, 2010 6:40 pm

    LOL. Resplendent words and observations, Eric … I mean, Erik. You absolutely nailed it! I love, too. I wish they would sell groceries and deliver it for free – after I cross the $25 threshold, of course. I would be willing to wait another week for the “Super-Saver” delivery, even for the perishable items.

  2. January 13, 2010 5:58 pm

    Very awesome. 🙂

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