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The Houston Area Red Cross

January 8, 2010

I joined the Houston Area Red Cross’s e-mail list about a year ago when I was taking Principles of PR and Advertising class here at UH, and I am still connected with them today. I think they do a great job of connecting with their publics and maintaining relationships. When I first joined, they didn’t send me just a thank you email that is completely pointless. Instead, they sent me one that did say thank you, but then it also had information about upcoming events, ways that I could get involved in the community, and even classes that the Red Cross offers (for free) that can all be seen on their website. By doing this, the Red Cross is showing that they are not only thinking about what the public wants, but how they can get involved with their organization and ways they can help.  Their website is really great at creating a public dialogue, rather than simply throwing all the information at you at once. When the home page pops up, you first see 4 articles about some different things they offer like how to get help when you need it, take a CPR class, and volunteer. It also has many tabs to click on for more specific services on the left column. On the top row there are multiple tabs that pull down that show other links like events they are currently planning, more news articles, and other ways to connect you with their local Red Cross location.  Also, it has a place where you can donate money now through their website. They have created many ways to get people interested and involved with their company that are also easy and accessible. You can even connect with them on Facebook and Twitter! Although the Houston Red Cross does not yet have pages on either website, the American Red Cross does, that sends instant updates about the organization. From working with them throughout one semester I know that they are a great organization that is keeping up with social media updates to continue to build relationships with people to help Houston.

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