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Turkish Airlines

January 8, 2010

Turkish Airlines, is one of the most popular airline companies in Europe. This company is an airline company headquarter in Istanbul Turkey. I have found their services to be great. When entering the website, one has the option on what language they want to the website to be in. I think this is great because not everyone that goes to Turkey speaks Turkish, so one is able to buy the ticket online in their native language that is Spanish, French Arabic, English. The options are infinite. I also find their facebook page, to be very helpful. They update you on any new information about the company, Turkey, and of course interesting events going on around the world. This company also keeps the fans updated on new ticket give aways as well as flight deals. Also I have notice that every time someone posts a complaint about the company on the facebook page which is rare, the company is more than willing to listen to the customer who posted that complaint and solve any issues. For example someone posted a complaint on the facebook fan page about how they had a problem with their service. Two hours later the company replied back and said “please email me your flight information and we will help you”. This is a great example of how the company is keeping in touch with their relationship capital. With this strategy the company manages to keep a customer loyalty. Unlike many other well known companies, this company does not just create a facebook page and leaves it unattended but they keeps their fans with continuous updates and useful information.

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