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Tweeting for car insurance advice

January 11, 2010

           I didn’t believe that when I wrote tweets about car insurance anything would happen, but thanks to the robots that have taken over twitter I received three responses within minutes.

            First I wrote, “Shopping for car insurance. Does anyone have any advice for me? Progressive or Geico sound good….hmm?” and within literally a minute I receive an e-mail saying that “carinsurance99” was following me. I found this pretty cool, but then I realized that it was just a robot. When I went to their page there were a bunch of links to “how to get cheap auto insurance” and other links dealing with auto insurance.

            My second tweet said, “I’m thinking of going with an auto insurance company that has agents…State Farm or Farmers…any thoughts?” I didn’t get any thoughts but I did get two more car insurance related followers (auto_sense and insurance news). I was kind of disappointed that no one messaged me directly. Auto_sense only had one tweet that was a link to, a discount online auto insurer. And “insurance news” was just that, links to news about insurance.

            When I did a search for State Farm I found some pretty interesting posts. It seems a lot of people liked State Farm commercials. One in particular, was an asian man singing in his car. I also found some people whose sol purpose for being on twitter was to bash State Farm. The two usernames that stick out the most are “Dump_statefarm” and “Statefarm_sucks”.  Both individuals tweets where links to articles about how bad State Farm is.

Not sure twitter has helped me in picking a car insurance provider but it has given me some useless followers. Thanks Twitter!

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