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Gimme Myspace!

January 13, 2010

Back in the prehistoric cyber times, 2003 to be exact, before the Facebook hoopla swept the nation, Myspace the up and coming social network trying to make a name for itself.  It was primarily a page for aspiring musicians and other artists looking to gain some kind of exposure without a major recording contract.  Some people used the sight to help land them one.  Others just wanted somewhere to store their passion and share their pieces with family and friends.  However, as time progressed, and as Facebook began to make its mark on society, Myspace started expanding its image as more than a music watering hole.  It started adding a top 8 Friends List, photo albums, and a customizable page where you can create a background and even select your own theme music!  All this was in addition to what Facebook was already offering, with the profile picture, comment wall, and biography about the author of the page.  For a while, Myspace was seen as a grown up version of Facebook mainly because of the openness of the community.  On Myspace, the only age restriction was that one had to be fourteen years of age or older in order to create a page.  On Facebook, you had to be an accredited college student in select colleges and universities to have one.  Even after that, not every school had access to facebook.  Myspace also was the first social network to have celebrity pages.  Actual celebrities created their own pages in order to make more of a connection with their fan base.  Another unique feature Myspace started was the ability to post and past various graphics and videos on one’s home page.  For videos, it is simply going to youtube or another video library website, copying the link and/or video code, and pasting it anywhere on your page.  Graphics are a little more complicated, though.  Your have to go to a third party sight that is usually advertised on Myspace via banner, modify a few settings, and copy and paste.  In 2006, Myspace was announced as the most popular social networking website in the US.  Since then, Facebook has taken the crown as the number one social media network in America, but Myspace still remains an excellent site for up-and-coming musicians trying to become the next big superstar.  Some have succeeded, such as singer Cassie, who is signed to P. Diddy’s Bad Boy label, and Nikki Minaj, a female rapper who inked with Lil Wayne’s Young Money/Cash Money Records.

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