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I’m a big kid now.

January 13, 2010

Do you look to celebrities for the latest in fashion trends? Do you like to see what baby products they use and where they find their babies clothes? Well so do we at In fact, we were ecstatic to find out that Gwen Stefani’s babies Zuma and Kingston have recently been spotted wearing our clothes.×747.jpg

 But some trends that celebrity babies take part in may be crossing the line. Recently we’ve seen photos of Tom and Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri wearing high heels out on the town and she’s only 3 years old!

 It’s hard enough for us to walk in high heels and we’re grown women! Not to mention they hurt! Do we really want our 3 year olds growing up so quickly? Its one thing to play dress up at home, but crosses the line when you’re toddler is wearing nearly 2 inch high heels on a daily basis.

Another huge celebrity that has let us down recently is Barbie. Mattel has just introduced “Totally Stylin Tattoo Barbie”. The doll comes with a set of tattoo stickers that can be placed anywhere on her body. The set also comes with a tattoo gun that’s similar to a water gun, so kids can stamp tattoos on her clothes and themselves.

Whatever will they bring out next? Drug addict Barbie? Alcoholic Barbie? Tattoos are common and if it leads girls to get one, they might regret it for the rest of their lives.

I hope you agree with when we say let’s keep our babies, babies for as long as we possibly can. They grow up so quickly anyway, why would we want to rush that by putting them in too adult for them clothes and expose them to things that we hope they never get! Would you be ok with your grandmother wearing hot pants and a belly shirt?

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