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@MKoechlin: omg eiffel twr lol!!!1

January 13, 2010

The most important part of being a human is the ability to express your essence. Since the dawn of time, mankind has invented, carved, created, burned, sculpted, soldered, painted, erected, molded everything you see around you.

An ant hill is, I feel, very representative of the soul of, well, an ant (which is still very balanced with nature – they have their place!*).

So if you look around at the wonders of the world – from the Great Pyramids to the Astrodome, you must stand in awe at the fantastic genius required to turn those conceptions into reality (along with man power – remember the ants?). The soul of a human is quite an awesome thing to perceive. It is absolutely unstoppable.

Let’s fast forward some. Have a seat at the computer, won’t you?

Please. Plug in.

Thanks to the internet and social networking sites, everyone has a voice. Which is awesome… if you have something to say.


Oh, God.

We’ve turned the sacred art of expression and creation into minuscule ejaculates of emotional impulses. Everyone has an opinion, everyone’s a critic. You get mad at the clerk at the store, totally Tweet about what a jerk that guy was. Hope someone reads it, even though no one ever does.

@sprklvmprgrl1998: brshng my teath lol!! (10:20 pm)

@sprklvmprgrrl1998: gttng n2 bed 2 rd twilite! (10:23 pm)

@sprklvmprgrrl1998: temmmmmm edwrrrdddd!!!!!!!! (10:24 pm)

What about any of that did I need to know? … More importantly, does her mother know her daughter is Tweeting late at night? Doesn’t that sort of activity lead to… sexting? I digress.

Humans need to feel validated. It’s an absolute necessity to a healthy human psyche. It’s why we engage in relationships (any kind). We just want to feel… important.

But is that even possible? With the sheer amount of material on the internet, which seems to consist mostly of twelve-year-old Twits, Facebook, and e-mail flying all over the place, how do you differentiate yourself from the masses? How do you force different?

I suppose you can’t. You either fail, or just blend in with the other people who conform to non-conformity. Because when everyone tries to be different and stand out, you run out of spot light eventually. Society seems to be stretched a little thin there.

True originality comes from the inside. It’s a glow. It’s a demeanor. It’s not something you can download or upload or install. It’s also difficult to get it across on the computer – your average Twit simply can’t do it in 160 characters, especially when they’re too busy complaining about their jerk boyfriend for all their friends to read… even at the tender age of 46.

Are people just that shallow? Does it make them feel better to post their voice, even if they have nothing to say?

Maybe I’m apathetic. Maybe I’m from the wrong century. I’m 24 years old, and I can’t find the value in Twitter as a way of being “social.” As a tool? Absolutely. Humans are herd animals in large groups. It’s funny to step back once in a while.

If everyone is doing it, it’s probably something I don’t want anything to do with. If everyone can do it, that usually means it’s not hard, and requires very little brain power. Snobby? Maybe. Stupidity bothers me, and it pours forth from large masses of mammals – from wildebeest to people. “Prey” comes to mind.

Anyone can be a troll. It takes a special person to come up with original content. Rule of the Internet #24: Every post is a repost of a post.

See? Even the internet has rules.

Sometimes, I feel like the handshake is going out of style. P2P has replaced human-to-human. We need screens to have relationships now.

It’s not bad. It’s just different. And, in the beginning, different makes people uncomfortable. I guess I’m just having a hard time catching up.

But in the spirit of the unstoppable human soul,

We’re all just human…

Oh, aren’t we all?


* On my ankle in the summer time. Yes.

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  1. January 14, 2010 6:25 pm

    Shoot for the moon! even if you miss, you will at least land among the stars 🙂

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