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The NBA: A Real Life Soap Opera (blog assignment)

January 13, 2010

The NBA season is just about at the halfway point.  And there have been very few surprises.  Boston has the best record in the league, the Los Angeles Lakers are running the Western Conference,  and the Minnesota Timberwolves, New Jersey Nets, and Golden State Warriors are in the cellar of the league (  Some individuals, however, have made headlines on and off the court that the NBA has never encountered.  We first start with the story (and scandal) of the year thus far, the Gilbert Arenas gun scandal (  It started in December, when Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas announced he had been storing unloaded handguns in his locker at the Verizon Center, the Wizards’ arena, in order to keep them away from his baby daughter.  A few days later, an investigation got underway when it was heard that Arenas and fellow teammate, guard Javaris Crittenton, got into an argument over a debt owed by Arenas after gambling on the team plane.  Arenas allegedly pulled a gun on Crittenton, who in return pulled his.  To escalate the accusations, Arenas has been playing it off as if it’s a big joke.  He ridicules the situation on his Twitter, admits that he’s entertained by the stories to the media, and even acts out a gun-shooting motion during pre-game starting lineups!  The combination of accusations and the attitude Arenas displayed forced NBA Commissioner David Stern to suspend the Washington All-Star indefinitely.  The superstar, popularly known as “Agent Zero,” “Hibachi,” and simply “Gilbert,” may now have to worry about more than his basketball career.  He violated several gun laws in Washington, D.C., which has some of the strictest laws in the United States.

That’s not the only alleged story Gilbert was involved in.  More daytime drama surrounded the superstar as rumors arose that Shaquille O’Neal slept with Arenas’s fiance.  O’Neal, who is soon to be separated from his wife Shaunie, has been suspected of engaging in sexual acts and favors with Laura Govan, according to emails that were said to be sent by the two.  Govan and Shaunie are good friends, by the way.  Several websites have documented this affair as truth, but Arenas himself has denied any truth in these allegations

Moving on from Agent Zero, celebrated NBA star Allen Iverson retired from the NBA for less than a week.  AI signed with the Memphis Grizzlies before the season started, but only played in a handful of games before officially announcing his retirement.  He took a leave of absense less than 2 weeks into the season for personal reasons.  Then he asked to be released by the Grizzlies.  His wish was granted.  After failed talks with the New York Knicks, he hung up the sneakers.  Those same Reebok Answer sneakers he had made signature throughout his career were laced back up after he reached a 1-year agreement to finish the season with his first team, the Philadelphia 76ers.  An emotional Iverson expressed his feelings and wore his emotions on his sleeve at the press conference announcing his return (

That’s all for this segment.  Be sure to tune in frequently for more “juice” going on in the reality soap opera that is the National Basketball Association.

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  1. B.G. Smith permalink*
    January 14, 2010 9:25 pm

    Ahem…I do believe the Lakers have the best record in the league. Boston is one game behind in the loss column.

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