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The Reality of Autism

January 13, 2010

Just out from the past month or so, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has reported 1 in 110 has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in the United States. Out of that, 1 in 70 will be boys. Aaron for AUTSPOT wrote to those who are expecting a child, “it’s the best to face the reality that your child perhaps could have autism.

Some of you may be asking the question of, what is autism. Autism is a disorder that’s affects a person to communicate socially with society. Just imagine being in a small room, tied to a chair, duck tape over your mouth not being able to speak. Imagine in that position, but with 50 people speaking to you at the same time. It is frustrating to the point where you just shut down and block the outside world. Barbara Keys mentioned in that situation, it is just a glimpse of what autism is like.

MTV has series that’s been going on for little more than a decade. This series are documentaries of young people going through their daily lives just as if there no cameras present. MTV True Life had the opportunity to do an episode of three young people who lived with autism from a wide range of spectrum. Take a look from the perspective of these people who has autism and their families.

After viewing this episode, I felt inspired with a sense of sympathy for those that were affected. I learned that there is no limit to what they can do, just the lack of the ability to communicate effectively. Or at least that is what I thought. Each of the three individuals communicated differently, either by their drawings, or by a device that gives a voice, or by a joke or laugh. What really inspired me the most was Jeremy, who just couldn’t communicate with the world around him. Everyone figured out that he is just like everybody else, but just needed a voice. All he wanted was to have friends and be just like everybody else.

I have working with a non-profit organization from its very beginning and saw the need for this organization all over the country. The Center of High Hopes, based in Humble, TX, will provide services to young adults who suffer from autism and other developmental disorders. We believe everyone has a right to be a productive citizen of society. Those who suffer and their families will both benefit from The Center. But The Center will not be possible without support from people all over this country. These people have a chance to live a productive life. If and only if we give them that opportunity. The Center’s hope for the next decade will be to have a center in every major city in all 50 states. We can achieve this with your help and getting this center started.

Remember, everyone has a chance to live life; DISABLED or not.

Visit us: The Center of High Hopes… and follow us on Twitter

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