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Why are there so many chubby kids playing Wii fit?

January 13, 2010

I remember my elementary school P.E. teacher Mrs. Swanson. She was a sweet lady, but all we ever did was play dodge ball (even though she claimed dodge ball was our “Thursday game”) or go outside and run (or walk for the chubby kids like I was) around a gravel track. That’s it. Dodge ball and walking were my physical “education”. Don’t even get me started on junior high. Only the non-athletic kids had to take P.E., while the other naturally-gifted kids who played sports could consider their sports’ practices their P.E credit. Where did those kids get that talent? Surely not from elementary school. In junior high, instead of dodge ball I was upgraded to volleyball or on especially lazy days for our teacher, badminton.

Now I realize that not all schools are properly funded for athletic or physical education programs, but can’t they afford to at least provide us with a nice gym to play basketball in? And maybe some basketballs too. What am I getting at? Kids just don’t get the kind of exercise they need to stay healthy in school. Kids today are more focused on the latest XBOX game or newest YouTube video. Who cares about exercise when you can play Call of Duty?! “With a little encouragement, children will leave the TV, the X-Box, and Wii behind for busy playgrounds and ball fields. Instead of chips and cookies, they’ll reach for basketballs, footballs, rollerblades, and bicycles” according to a health article I read recently. Another laughable thing (besides school’s P.E programs) is the Wii fit. Are they serious? Whatever happened to primitive action of going OUTSIDE to exercise? And apparently Wii fit does more damage to kid’s psyches than good to their bodies.

Believe me the last thing I would do it I was a parent would be to tell my children that exercise through a video game is the way to go. That and take them to McDonalds. This leads to another question, that is, are sports the best way to get out kids to exercise? Honestly, I’ll be the first to admit that I was not, nor will I ever be, athletic enough to participate in any type of sport and bring something good to the table. But, I wonder if I have been exposed to athletics at an early age, say maybe 5 or 6, would my athletic ability be a different story? I think so. In a age where obesity is at its highest and heart disease is the number one cause of death in the country, don’t you think kids should get a little more active, or at least have the opportunity to? I do. Let’s give kids the tools they need to get active and stay healthy.

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