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Pupusas are not Mexican

January 14, 2010

Have you ever eaten Salvadorian food? Do you even know what that is? I’m sure you have visited a Mexican restaurant before, and that you even love the delicious tacos and the famous fajitas they serve. I believe Mexican restaurants are very popular among Americans in the United States, but Salvadorian food? There are many Salvadorian restaurants in Houston, but none of them are recognized among the American population. Salvadorians love them, but Americans ignore them.

Salvadorian food is very delicious. Many people all around the world long for the famous “Pupusas”, the number-one dish in Salvadorian cuisine. This flour tortilla filled with pork, cheese, beans, and other fillings is accompanied by tomato sauce and a special salad. But despite of its rich flavor and popularity among Salvadorians and other Latin Americans, Pupusas are many times unknown to other Americans. I believe the reason why Salvadorian restaurants lack the popularity of Mexican restaurants is poor marketing and branding.

Many people even ignore the Salvadorian culture, that is very unique compared to Mexican and other Latin American countries. “Artesanías” is a Salvadorian restaurant that strives to break this status-quo. It is a restaurant that besides serving delicious Salvadorian food, including Pupusas, also educates the guests about Salvadorian culture. In it, people can learn about the customs, traditions, and beauty of the culture of the smallest country in America. Artesanias is a beautiful restaurant whose architecture resembles the ones from Salvadorian colonial homes, filled with colors and hand-painted murals.

To learn more about this amazing restaurant, visit In it you can find the restaurant’s menu, history, purpose, and a little bit about Salvadorian culture. You can also find the Artesanías nearest to you, so you can experience Salvadorian culture and taste its delicious food.

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