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An Icon for Young People

January 15, 2010

Everyone has heard of MTV and if you’re young, most of you watch it. In the beginning, MTV was all about music.  It was  not until the late 90’s that shows like The Real Worlds, Road Rules, and True life just to name a few, became popular. It was not until the Bush/Gore election that MTV wanted to attract young people. Shortly after, 9/11 happened when MTV wanted to hear from young people.

A big hit of Think MTV created a mass conversation on different topics that matters most to young people. They have issues like Sex & Relationship to the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is when the voices of young people started to be heard. Young people from all over would voice their opinions and thoughts on this website This is a great tool that MTV created to allow these voices to be heard.

 Another way MTV has created for these young people to be heard is through their show True Life. I personally like the show because it shows the trueness of people. True Life is a show that documents people in everyday life. It shows the best of people and their worst.

It is true when people say these young people are our future.

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