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January 15, 2010

I have a 13-year old nephew who loves to be on youtube at least twice a day. Even though I know he is responsible most of the time, sometimes I worry that youtube is easily accessible and he can be looking at an appropriate videos for his age. Don’t get it wrong, I love youtube, because there is almost everything on there that you can search and find. My only issue is how can you prevent kids from the least useful things that they are exposed to? I know you can go to history and see what your kids have been looking at, but now days these kids are too smart, because they figured out how to delete the history. So, are you suppose to banned them from using the internet when you are not around? Well, I believe the best thing is to be open with kids and let them know what they are exposed so they realize that it’s not valuable for them to view these videos. It is 2010 and kids are exposed to many things, but the main key is for parents to influence them with positive and useful social media, so they can look for the appropriate things when they are on websites, such as youtube.

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