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Dawn Delivers

September 13, 2010

Dawn hand soap delivers more than a household product tough on food stuck to your dishes with their “Everyday Wildlife Champions” public relations campaign. The company demonstrates the “social responsibility” of taking care of the wildlife we as humans threaten to destroy.

Their advertisement delivers in comfort and warm fuzzies, especially when it was aired immediately following the BP oil spill this past spring. Thousands of angry environmentalists sang of oiled animals dying in the gulf, and the brilliantly crafted and timed Dawn commercial helped appease at least my own mind (if not many others).

What impressed me the most, however, was that Dawn did not START their campaign with the BP disaster; it had already been around for a year! Although the BP oil spill certainly gave the company fresh ground to trod and a new enraged public to support them, the effort was made prior to the disaster. In essence, the company ACTUALLY seems to care!

Additionally, Dawn uses integrated marketing communication via a frequently updated and user-input-friendly Facebook page (, as well as a Twitter account that not only gives out daily Wildlife facts, but also personally thanks each new follower.

The ability to touch hearts and stimulate as much trafficking of their sites as it has, Dawn’s Everyday Wildlife Champions have successfully put forth a convincing public relations campaign demonstrating their true concern for the environment and the wildlife inhabiting it.

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