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The Dominos Turnaround.

September 13, 2010

Being form Ireland pizza and especially pizza delivery never really was a big deal. I don’t know if it was because the only pizza delivery place in my town took two hours to get delivered and I honestly believe it took so long because they drove to the grocery store, bought a frozen pizza, took it back, cooked it and then delivered it. Well maybe. No matter how unpopular it was there was always one name you knew of and that was dominos. Probably because of it’s marketing which promised if it wasn’t delivered within 30 minutes it was free. This attracted a lot of attention. But in the past few years Domino’s have went from the leading name in pizza delivery to almost bottom of the pile.

Focus groups had shown that people were just unimpressed with the quality of the food Domino’s were producing. It was almost like they had become complacent with being kingpins in the pizza industry and didn’t have to try anymore. Then in early 2009 they faced one of their biggest crises. Video of two employees tampering with the food as they prepared it for customer’s shock and horrified the nation. Domino’s had a huge task on hand to restore people’s faith and trust in the company.

Lately I have noticed their ad campaigns coming into full effect. Instead of celebrities or professional athletes the main spokesperson is CEO Patrick Doyle. His first steps have been coming out and admitting the problems of the past and taking responsibility for not giving the customers the quality they deserve. The campaign follows the whole domino’s team, showing the CEO and upper management watching the focus group videos and taking notes. At the Domino’s headquarters we see the head chef’s working on new recipes and using better ingredients.

Now CEO Patrick Doyle is making the public part of the ad campaign by asking them to submit photographs of the pizza’s they receive. Not just showing the pretty pictures, he also show’s pictures from dissatisfied customers and admitting that it is unacceptable and Dominos are working toward retaining their position as the top pizza delivery company.

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