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Toyota’s PR

September 13, 2010

When it comes to getting the vehicle that you want, most of ya’ll are probably like me and think about which vehicle would best fit your personality. We look up the make of the vehicle we want, the color, and the accessories. Like whether it has a sunroof, rims, leather seats etc. But how many of us think about the safety features of the vehicle that we are choosing to ride in? Its been said that most Americans spend an average of 3 hours a day in their vehicles And for me living in the Houston area, I can find this to be true. Many car manufactures emphasize on the styling and performance of their vehicles, like the new design and how much horsepower and torque it has. But unlike most of the others, Toyota emphasizes more on their safety and fuel efficiency. For many Toyota buyers the safety and fuel efficiency are just some of the many reasons for buying one. But many of these safety conscious buyers didn’t get what they wanted from their vehicles.

At the beginning of the year 2010 the automotive manufacture Toyota had to recall 2.3 million cars that were liked to accidents that caused injury and death to some of its drivers The company was faced with a big problem of trying to get the consumer of Toyota to put their confidence back into the company after all the media coverage that covered the major topic.

Toyota responded to the public with direct communication by having Akio Toyota, the CEO of the company personally apologize to the public Some question if direct communication to or from the CEO/organization itself is a good thing? To me in this case I believe it proved to be a good thing. With the consumers access to social media they are now critics and have a bullhorn to let others know their experience with a product or company. With people posting what they thought about the company, Toyota took this into consideration and created “Auto-Biography” on their Youtube and facebook page. This gives Toyota owners a chance to tell their story and experiences to everyone about their Toyota vehicle. I think that it seemed to work for Toyota because people have been posting up videos and comments about their experiences with the car manufacture and expressing how they feel about what they are driving.

Like Debreceny & Cochrane said “To reach the heart and mind of the consumer, one must integrate public relations and marketing, and therefore protect the corporate reputation and the brand image”. I believe that Toyota applied this form of thinking and have taken the steps necessary to accomplish their goal. That goal being that the consumer puts their confidence back into the company.

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