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Beauty with Dove

September 14, 2010

dove public relations campaign

What is real beauty? Is it being thin? Is it being young? There are many stereotypes associated with the word “beauty.”  However, Dove began the Dove Real Beauty campaign in 2004 to promote beauty within all women.  The main goal of the campaign was to embrace all definitions of beauty and to promote women to have high self-esteem.  Realizing the unrealistic standards of beauty displayed in today’s media and advertisement, Dove created this campaign to not only promote societal change, but also promote their products.

This campaign is a good example of Public Relations without spin because it is connecting the company, Dove, with its publics, women.  It serves as a “Fully Functioning Society” because Dove is working to improve society’s views of beauty.  This campaign uses two-way symmetry; Dove was able to not only create ads, programs, and messages to make women feel beautiful, but also promote the use of their products. Their website allows women to upload photos and videos and blog with other women about their personal journey’s to finding beauty within themselves.  This allows the women to feel like their voices are being heard.  Therefore, both the company and the publics are benefitting from this campaign.

I think Dove is doing a great job with this campaign.  I believe that beauty and self-esteem are major issues that all girls and women deal with at some point in their lives.  It is refreshing to see a company that is not only promoting their products, but also promoting positive changes within society.  This campaign is touching the lives of women all over the world by showing that we are all beautiful no matter our shape, race, or size.  I would be more likely to buy Dove products after looking into this campaign because I know it’s about more than just pushing their products.  They are also creating a better society.

Here is a link to one of the campaign ads on YouTube.

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