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Bungie: Remember Reach Campaign

September 14, 2010

Halo Reach is set to hit stores on September 14, 2010, with its innovative marketing strategies Bungie has implemented made Halo Reach one of the most anticipated game of the year.  On top of the extraordinary glimpses of all the new features, graphics, and new storyline this new epic game has to offer, Bungie launched Remember Reach campaign. It is a mural of the future; Bungie has used state of the art technology to literally reach out to its fans by using real time computer generated points to be chosen to make up a portrait of the Noble Team.  In collaboration with Facebook, a media social network, the Remember Reach Campaign allows fans whole social network be apart of this historic campaign by linking your coordinates and confirmation of your contribution to the mural on its live Newsfeed.

The campaign’s goal was to paint a visual to its fans on just how much this game is in acceptance. Not only did Bungie show their fans, but also proves its worth to non-gamers.

The Remember Reach campaign was introduced on many game oriented shows, and on Xbox Live dashboards.  The site itself is very straight forward after installing package software you simply input your facebook account information to access. One recommendation that would of made this campaign pop is a 360 point of view of the points. There is a complete how they did it article on this link.

It was abundantly clear Bungie had all the right networks and popularity to launch this type of campaign so not very much strategic planning was necessary, all it needed was putting the puzzle pieces together.  There have been over 1 million hits from all over the world, which means its marketing plan has achieved operational and technical justification.  The campaign has clearly has the attention of the consumer, and Gaming retailers are preparing for this momentous day.

This study was unique because of its full use of technological advances. The starting line is owning an Xbox 360 a gaming console, the second is having access to the internet as well as Xbox Live, and thirdly having a facebook account. Then you can mark your place with the rest of the world in a digital mural dedicated to a world Bungie the creators of Halo have created.

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