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Kiehl’s Public service advertizing

September 14, 2010

“Duckweed child”, most from disadvantaged family just like duckweed flow on the water don’t know where to go or what to do after school that they need study accompanist to help them to get rid of lone situation.

 Jam Hsiao, the main character also the vocal of the film who used to be a “Duckweed child” now as a spokesman of it is a very popular singer teams up with the most famous illustrator in Taiwan, Jimmy, and awarded movie director Ding Lee made this 4 minutes film as the public service advertizing sponsored by Kiehl’s, to help “Duckweed child”. The concept they promote is that every purchase in Kiehl’s part of it will be donated to give financial support to “Duckweed children” project.

By sponsoring public service advertizing; Kielh’s transferred information trying to convince costumers to approve the idea they shared further to give the feedback which is to buy their product to help “Duckweed Child”. In this campaign, Kiehl’s perfectly use the fame of Jam, Jimmy and Ding Lee to catch attention, especially Jam personally was the “Duckweed child” which made the message they try to provide more persuasive. Stand at Kiehl’s point of view it is an opportunity to win the popularity and to stimulate consumption of their products, also establish a good reputation of the company for full with compassion. As for the publics, those who respond to the message to buy their products may think that they do the charity at the same time so why not? It makes cost is not just cost but with a meaning of it. It’s not just spinning information; in this campaign it connecting the company, the publics and the nonprofit organization to make a win-win deal, to form a fully functioning society.

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