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Providing Relief with “Loads of Hope”

September 14, 2010

Tide laundry detergent provides more for its consumers than just ‘lifting off stains with ease’ — “Tide Loads of Hope” program is a public relations campaign designed to help the consumers get involved in relief efforts by the means of a mobile laundromat when disaster strikes. The company’s advertisement association with the social cause promotes awareness that appeals to its consumers emotions.

The programs launch was in response to the devastation of the Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Tide began donating all profits from the sales of the Loads of Hope Vintage Tee and by registering the code under the cap of Tide detergent. Families all over the country became aware of the basic necessities the affected communities were lacking.

The advertisement for Tide Loads of Hope discloses the spirit of the community and a foundation cause worthy of the consumers compassion and involvement.

Tide’s endeavors to help the Haitian’s after they experienced one of the most devastating earthquakes this year; which I felt was one of their most imperative contributions yet; After the renovation of the National University Hospital of the State of Haiti laundry room the Tide team also replaced broken fixtures (ceiling fans and lighting) and trained the hospital employees how to use their new laundry equipment. Also, Tide rebuilt, furnished, supplied and fully staffed a home for disabled orphans and abandoned children.

Today Tide Loads of Hope has washed over 36 thousand loads of laundry and will continue to help families and communities all of the world to help them achieve a sense of normalcy and hope as they start to rebuild their lives. <a href="http://

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