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NIKE Write the Future….or Writing the future?-

September 14, 2010

It is incredible how we still hear the buzz and discussions that revolve around South Africa FIFA 2010 World Cup. Because of its magnitude and importance to the world from the economic to socio-cultural arenas, it is obvious that companies do everything they possibly can to get an advertizing spot and be an official sponsor of the biggest event in the world. Furthermore, it would be obvious to believe that the companies that will have the most brand recognition for the next 4 years would be the participating sponsors.  Well, studies show that Nike had more than twice online mentions than any other “official” sponsor.

Yes, you guessed it; Nike was NOT an official sponsor for the 2010 FIFA world cup. However, it created more online buzz than any other company out there with their “Write the Future” campaign.  In fact, they had more brand recognition than the “official” sponsors: Addidas and Coca-Cola. Their strategy was flawless from start to finish; and beyond.

“Write the future” is a series of commercials that show many of the most famous footballers worldwide- Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinhio- as well as other famous celebrities like- NBA sensation, Kobe Bryant, Mexican actor, Gael Garcia Bernal and others.

The videos show the different players during a match. Depending on the move they make, you can see what future trend or event can potentially be created in their thoughts. It gives the idea that every move can potentially change history forever. And it is true.

Moreover, it effectively connectes to the audience directly because, as audiences around the globe, watched the World Cup games, they could see how history was changing making them part of it.  Letting people load the videos in YouTube and creating this dialogue between them in their facebook page was a very cleaver way to engage directly with them.

They streamed “teaser” videos online and on TV months before the actual tournament began. It created and expectation as well as a generatedthe idea that Nike was “officially” part of the world cup. Still today, many people think that Nike was the official sponsor.

Personally, I say that Nike has the absolute competitive advantage as far as knowing their audience, in football (soccer in America) terms, is concerned. They communicate directly and their online presence is considered world-class. From the aesthetic value, to the strategy excellence and implementation of tactics, Nike has exceeded the expectations. On the PR side, they are continuously finding more ways to attract the attention of the audience by creating themes that appeal to every footballer in the world. They work hard to personalize every aspect of the game. Personalized gear, personalized team preferences, personalized accounts, it looks like they could make a little world for every user. And you know what? That is the way to go!

Nike soccer website-
a href=”“>NIKE Write the Future….or  Writing the future?-

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