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You Asked and Domino’s Delivered!

September 14, 2010

Domino’s Pizza recently launched a bold campaign encouraging its patrons to voice their opinions about their product. The PizzaTurnAround website was created in response to consumers comparing their pizza crust to cardboard and their sauce to ketchup. Rather than focusing their efforts on minimizing the echo of those harsh words, Domino’s opted to tackle the issue head-on and went to work. In their newest commercial, Chief Executive Patrick Doyle says, “We’re going to learn and we’re going to get better. I guarantee it.” The company claims to have gone back to the ‘cutting board’ to reevaluate recipes to find where improvements can be made in order keep their customers happy.

PizzaTurnAround shares the story behind this audacious campaign. The web site shows how Domino’s has taken your feedback and used it to create a better product. The company opened itself up to suggestions about what it is that their customers want. The negativity was used as a source of inspiration to move in a new direction based on the newly built connection with its customers.

In addition to PizzaTurnAround, Domino’s created the ShowUsYourPizza website. The site features pictures taken by real customers without the artificial enhancers companies sometimes use in order to make their product look more enticing. The idea is to show how Domino’s pizza is genuinely good. Both websites link the Domino’s Twitter page, further facilitating direct and easy interaction between the company and their consumers.

Because “good” pizza is subjective to individual preference, I cannot conclude whether Domino’s pizza is actually better. I can say that the manner in which they chose to address a potentially catastrophic issue was daring and ultimately effective. Domino’s sincerity and willingness to admit a need for improvement resonated positively with their audience. I believe Domino’s has significantly improved their public image and customer loyalty. Their understanding and successful use of Web 2.0 has granted them a second chance and will play major role in their future success.

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