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Refresh Your World

October 1, 2010

Pepsi-Cola recently launched the Pepsi Refresh Project, one of many of Pepsi’s ways to contribute to their community through corporate social responsibility. The Pepsi Refresh Project is a corporate funded program which provides grants to individuals dedicated to making a difference. The efforts to promote and garner support for the Pepsi Refresh Project have used a multitude of social media aspects to reach audiences for idea submissions, voting on suggestions and to take part in grant money disbursement. As a Pepsi drinker, follower and supporter, I feel that Pepsi has made a grand effort in accessing their audience, used every avenue to disseminate their message and in the end has been able to donate millions of dollars to worthy causes.

The Pepsi Refresh Project is a campaign to have individuals, groups, companies and organizations to submit applications for grants for funding throughout the United States. Each applicant can apply for funds ranging from $5,000 to $250,000, based on their idea. Ideas must be categorized in one of the following categories: health, arts and culture, food and shelter, the planet, neighborhoods and education. Each month up to 1,000 ideas can be submitted to the Pepsi Refresh site and then are approved by moderators. Each submission must meet the above requirements, but also be a plan that can be completed in 12 months, be conducted in the United States, and have a specific course for action. Videos, photographs and music can accompany each submission for the promotion of their cause (Official Guidelines).

Once an idea has been approved, registered users are then able to vote for the ideas they like the most. The more votes, the more the idea moves up in the rankings. At the end of the month, the top ideas will win the grants. Seems simple enough, but this is where Pepsi is getting the most from their money. Users are required to register to vote for their favorite ideas via the website or by signing in through Facebook. Pepsi is able to gather a large amount of information and contact potential customers just from one vote on their site. Pepsi is using opt-in marketing by forcing friends, family, coworker, etc to register to vote for the ideas the people they now have come up with. The applicants are driving traffic to this Pepsi sponsored site for votes and then asking people to register and then vote for them.

Pepsi is a good example of a company using social media to do good, as well as promote the company. Pepsi-Cola has made sure to stay up-to-date with all social media aspects in an effort to ensure that the word is spread about the Pepsi Refresh Project. Aside from using the Pepsi name and avenues of media, Pepsi has created specialized forums for the Pepsi Refresh Project as well. Each of the following examples will detail how Pepsi has been able to engage their audience through the use to social media and the internet. The Pepsi Refresh Project is set to change the lives of those needing funding to make a difference in their area of interest and change the view of consumers towards Pepsi, while reinforcing their promise to maintain corporate social responsibility.

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  1. October 2, 2010 12:08 am

    it sounds like a fantastic idea,
    Even if it is in their own self interest.

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