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Assassin Fans. A Brotherhood?

October 4, 2010

The video game community is one of the most active and loyal to their brands and game preferences; that’s a fact. As time has progressed, many games have risen and it is common to expect a new game every couple of months. However, few games have causes so much excitement, even anxiety of the good kind, and expectation as the game series Assassin’s Creed. Besides the excellent quality of graphics, story line, and innovative features that top of the line video game should offer, Ubisoft’s greatest accomplishments besides the great product, is the effective ability of engaging their “assassin” audience. To go beyond an advertising campaign and promotion of a good product, and be able to make you an automatic fan, is not an easy task. Period.
The mastermind behind is Gabe Graziani, Community Developer, for Ubisoft. He has been able to connect with the AC community effectively by creating dialogue through twitter and facebook. You might ask: “So what? All companies have a facebook and twitter nowadays. I absolutely agree, but Ubisoft manages to sign you up and create an account with them through their facebook account in a few clicks. Let me show you how it works:
It begins with a Youtube video of a trailer. The quality of the video and the way of stirring up the viewer to want more causes a chain reaction. Watch this!

You then, find yourself on Google and come to find out that there are more games of the series- Assassin’s Creed, Assassin’s Creed 2. By now, you art eager to find oiut if any of your friends know. Facebook is the next stop. You see if they have a fan page. They do. So then you are looking around, hit the “Like” button, and see that they have an online page throught facebook. You click and they ask you to become a member of Ubisoft , which it takes you less than a minute. You then, come to find out more of this people creating this video game and you are explained the storyline and everything you need to know to be an involved and informed gamer. You are allowed to watch exclusive videos and go as far as YOUR interest or time allows you. By this point, you are already a full on Assassin’s Creed fan. You find them on twitter and have all the benefits of news and promotions.
So you see, by the time you realize it, you are already excited to find out that you are still 6-4 months away from the newest version: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Giving you enough time to buy a new controller for your gaming device or the device itself-PS3 or Xbox-and you also find all the additional platforms where you can play it-PSP, PC, IPhone app, IPad app, and more.
And guess what?? you can’t wait!!

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