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A catchy song, with false advertisement.

October 4, 2010

We all want to know the way to advertise that will get our audience to click their way into our website. And who would have thought that a funny band, playing a song related to your business, which would lead to a national competition, would ultimately lure your customers into visiting your website. Well, sure did, and they conquered – technically.

I’m sure you’ve heard the band playing “free credit score, free credit”
But, what does a band have to do with your credit score? I’m not sure, but it works. It seems as though they were aiming for a younger audience, and a way to deliver a call-to-action message to them in a fun and easy way. The band play a nice song, that implies that if you don’t check your score you’ll be stuck at the same job, now there’s actually two songs out there that are creating quite a bit of confusion, there is the song, it doesn’t say score. Well, they both exist as a website, and they each have their unique bands. The current band was picked through a national competition — which was another smart thing they did to maintain their customers engage, entertained and constantly remembering to watch out for the new band.

They had a great ideas; the band, the song and the catchy song unfortunately only set you up for failure, because there is no such thing as a free credit score or report. However they did get what they wanted, and that was website hits, and a newly tapped-into customer database. But you have to admit, you have that song stuck in your head after watching some your favorite shows, and you’ll never forget about “” So I give them a thumbs up for originality and the way they created buzz for their website. Their lyrics are also original, they say you check the weather, check your car, and you should check your credit score too. This was all directed to fit a customer’s lifestyle, specially a younger audience—very smart.

So go ahead and sing a long. They came up with a successful way to implement their brand into their audience’s life, and they even let you decide on who would sing their song next, which was smart way to engage the audience they gathered. Now I am not sure if they actually got a lot of business out of gathering music-loving followers, and that was probably one of their biggest downfall. But still, it was a good commercial.

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