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Axe’s “Ballsy” Campaign

October 4, 2010

In their new ad campaign “Clean Your Balls,” Axe pushes the envelope with its controversial new commercial featuring Jaime Pressly.

When I saw the new Axe commercial my jaw dropped open and laughter immediately followed. Axe has taken their shower product to a whole new level with this one but, they hit their target audience right on the head. Axe has been accused of using puffery in the past but their new ad is extremely clever.

The Axe brand has enlisted the services of Edelman Public Relations Firm to help them launch a viral campaign called “Clean Your Balls.” The commercial resembles an infomercial featuring a spokesperson and Jaime Pressly, who plays a fictional professional tennis player named Monica Blake. The point of this humorous campaign is to promote the Axe Detailer Shower Tool which features an easy-grip handle and an improved bungee cord to easily hang it in the shower. Its main selling point is that it has a rough side and a softer mesh side to get those hard to reach areas. The repetitive double entente of this ad makes it very effective and hard to forget.

Like I said before, Axe has been accused in the past of using too much puffery but this ad is so smart and effective. Not only is it promoting the shower tool but, by launching a viral campaign which features an extended commercial, it is being shared and passed around through social media sites like crazy. On YouTube the most viewed video of this commercial already has over one million views and it isn’t even the only availble post of it.

Whether people want to buy the detailing tool or not Axe is excelling at branding themselves. The establishment of a brand community and brand culture are going to be major payoffs for the Axe brand in the long run and is putting them ahead of the curve. With the online community consisting of educated, young, diverse browsers, Axe would be wise to keep the viral campaigns coming.

Social networking trends are shifting constantly and that is why it is so important for companies to keep up with them and continue to shift towards more versatile E-Business models, which is what Axe and so many other companies are doing. It is opinion that very soon the activity level will fade out and become non existent due to the growing number of enterprise and pure level entities.

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