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Parents versus Katy Perry’s breast

October 4, 2010

I don’t get it, what’s the big deal about Katy Perry’s cleavage? Sesame Street quickly acted with great Public Relations pulling the video and campaigning that there were no hard feelings, But on the other hand, was this just on big PR stunt by the Sesame Street team preparing for their upcoming season.

Katy Perry recently teamed up with our favorite lovable little monster Elmo from Sesame Street on a duet that was a spin on her hit song “Hot and Cold”. The video was posted on YouTube by Sesame Street as a test drive before they aired in on the children’s show this upcoming season. Soon after the video debuted on YouTube parents commented with outrage! At first when looking at the video I didn’t think there was a big deal about her outfit, didn’t feel like she was revealing too much. It wasn’t until I took the time to talk to some of my friends who are parents that I gained insight into what the big deal was and what parents were thinking. This all could have been avoided for the TV show, but Sesame Street does aim to add things for adult viewers who are watching it with their kids, so did the PR team back down too quickly at the first sight of criticism.

I think this was an effective example of PR damage control for Sesame Street they announced almost immediately that they would not be airing the video.  On the other hand Katy Perry’s camp was left almost helpless in responding to the public bashing she received for the revealing outfit (that wasn’t all that revealing) she was wearing.  However, Katy’s camp fired back with a Saturday Night Live Skit that was suppose to make light of the incident but did nothing but make it worse in the eyes of parent, this was a ineffective example from her PR camp. I think that her PR camp could have came out with an apology to parents who were offended and that would have at least been accepted and people could move on. Sesame Street’s campaign did an excellent job at emphasizing that they were not holding any grudges with Elmo appearing on Good Morning America saying “We’ll have another one. Elmo loves Ms. Katy and we had a good time,” Elmo said. “So we’ll have another play date.”  

This entire mess could have all been avoided had Sesame Street produces and Katy Perry considered an alternative outfit that was less revealing.  I, as an adult with no kids saw no problem with the Elmo and Katy play date or with what she was wearing but after discussing this with parent I was convinced otherwise.  A parent I talked to about this said to me “Sesame Street is sacred! It’s like the last form of innocence on TV today and I don’t want any hint of sexuality infiltrating it.” Kids get exposed to sexuality all over, whether it is on TV shows, magazines or walking in a mall where there are some people who do go outside in revealing outfits. With that being said, I can understand the point of parents who are outraged because of this stunt. Which led me to wonder why would Sesame Street produces not put more thought into this since it most of it could have been avoided by not having the buxom Katy Perry in such a revealing top. Could this have been a PR stunt by Sesame Street to gain media attention in a time where there are a plethora of choices in children’s television? It seems that with Katy Perry’s reputation of wearing revealing clothes and scandalous song lyrics being of adult nature that she would not be a likely candidate to have a play date with Elmo.

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