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Getting What You Pay For?

October 5, 2010

Every so often we hear that if you buy a certain product that you will benefit from using it and as consumers, many of us do buy a product because it will benefit us in some way. But what if what the companies are saying about their product and what we can benefit from it isn’t really true. Recently POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice came under fire by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) because it says the claims that the juice can treat or prevent diseases such as prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction and has no scientific support.

POM Wonderful responded to the allegations of the FTC in a press release in Los Angeles urging the FTC to “Stop Persecuting Pomegranates!” When these allegations of POM Wonderful making claims came out it sparked the concerns of the users, many were asking if the allegations were true on the POM facebook in which POM Wonderful quickly responded to the concerned consumers.The POM wonderful company has a strong presence online with a strong fan base and followers on their facebook, twitter, and their community page in which it allows the consumer to voice their thoughts and opinions. Today’s consumer prefers dialogue over monologue. POM has a place for corporate communications and public opinion to come together.  Many consumers feel such a connection to the brand that if what the FTC was saying is actually true they would  feel betrayed. POM wonderful brand has this caregiver/innocent archetype that the consumer can feel and relate to.

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