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Dr Pepper:Million Dollar Tuition Giveaway

October 5, 2010

It is as simple as 123 to have you entire college tuition paid for by Dr Pepper. 1. Sign up to participate at 2. Submit a one minute video that explains why you deserve the tuition money. 3. Win: Earn the tuition money to your university.

Dr Pepper is associated with Hall of Fame head coach Lou Holtz in this promotion/contest to help make “college life” a little easier for Dr Pepper fans.

“The kids I coached throughout my career have always been students first and athletes second,” said Coach Holtz. “I’m proud to be part of the Dr Pepper Million Dollar Tuition Giveaway because it emphasizes the importance of education and gives me the opportunity to help a few lucky college students build their futures.”

Dr Pepper has allowed fans to go onto their website and watch other entrants videos and become interactive by providing the “LIKE” option next to each of the participants videos. I was confused whether or not the video that is voted most “liked” by the viewers would be taken into consideration at the time of judging, however, it appears that is not the case.

Interested? If you are between 18-24 years old submit your video by Nov. 1, and it will be judged on your incorporation of the college football theme as well as the inclusion of Dr Pepper. A panel of judges, including Lou Holtz, will also critique the impact that the tuition prize will have on your life and the overall presentation of the video.

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