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Look Sexy for Fall 2010

October 5, 2010

Metro Park is reaching out to its consumers in a big way through the world famous online Social Network facebook.  The fashion chain juggernaut is setting goals per week to gain a certain amount of fans on facebook and each of those thousands of fans receives up to 30% off merchandise for that week. This week their goal is to have 30,000 fans. This PR campaign was a success on making me a fan.  It’s fall season and that additional percent off just for becoming a fan on facebook was too easy.  Not only is this a good deal because their fashion appeals to many people of all ages, this shows consumers how popular Metropark really is and eliminates trend uncertainty.  The website also features an opportunity for consumers to follow them on twitter, with flash reel of many tweets about how Metropark is “What’s In”.

On the actual facebook page it is dressed with trendy photos and everything Metropark from reviews, info about the company, wall posting updates on different brands, and even a shop tab that links to online purchase.  Metropark updates its fans on how many more fans they need to get there coupons and when they reach that goal there is a link on the posting to print and show coupons in stores.   This motivates facebook friends to spread the word.

Metro Park had a digital base already by having their customers optionally give their email addresses for updates. This is how I learned of this campaign. I was sent an email with an initial coupon just for becoming a fan of the facebook page.

This is a smart campaign, Metropark has tapped into its consumer base that has been accumulated in their establishment process, and used the latest internet social media trend facebook that is world wide multi-billion dollar company.  The timing also couldn’t be even more perfect because of all the publicity facebook is getting because of the blockbuster “The Social Network” starring Zombielands Jesse Eisenburg, and Pop legend Justin Timberlake.

Metropark has sophisticatedly tapped into modern digital PR Campaigns by using social media and the Internet.

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