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The “King’s” Court

October 5, 2010

Professional athletes are just like us, just a little richer and a lot more visible.  This can work for their benefit when all is well, but can be a huge disadvantage when it’s a negative spotlight they’re standing in.  LeBron James is one of the newer faces to join the ranks of once loved athletes to be criticized for living life in ways they see fit.  His decision that has made Miami fans very happy has also made many others, including other players question his morals.

Lebron James Profile

If the public jersey burnings in his hometown weren’t a clue, the ESPN interviews shed light on the different way people had begun to see LeBron after making his decision to leave his hometown team and move to Miami.  That in itself can be a distraction for a player, but having others put word into your mouth can be easier way for your star to flicker.  In a recent interview with CNN a simple answer to a loaded question was seen as a bold and confrontational statement.                       lechoke.jpg LEBRON THE TRAITOR JAMES image by WeHateLebron

Openly criticized by Charles Barkley and fans alike James seems to have himself caught between a rock and a hard place.  Publically there has been no mention of his race being a factor in the unpopular decision of switching teams.  Loyalty and respect have been brought up but those are not linked to race, rather an individuals morals.  By the same token a man is allowed to live his own life and doew not have to ask permission from friends, fans, or even family when it comes to making decisions deciding their future.  I think the controversy could have been avoided with a moer thought out response about a sensative issue when answering the question, but the reason the question was asked is a bigger issue.  Putting him in that situation just adds fuel to the fire in a situation that has escalated past the point of a star player changing teams.  In the bigger sense of things he is a professional basketball player and without any legal issues his image should be based on his on-court performance and not his choice in team. 

Lebron-James-Photograph-C12211282.jpg lebron james image by mlhahockey          LeBron James Heat Jersey Wallpaper

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