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A 20-Count of Coloring Fun

October 12, 2010

Ink It Pink

Maybe I’m biased because of the breast cancer theme for the header, but Sharpie Markers official blog impressed me.

The first post I saw was an interview of a designer who uses and features Sharpies in his work named Michael, whose online persona is Who Is The Bald Guy (follow @whoisthebaldguy). There was down to earth interview questions of things I wanted to know the answers to, and witty answers. There was video and photos that were fun to see (and it didn’t hurt the designer was cute too!)

Sharpie covered a multiple topics in their blog posts; hosting contests for designs made with Sharpies, featuring designers/bloggers (like Who Is The Bald Guy, mentioned above), and showcasing other uses for Sharpie. These were obviously motivated to show how useful and fun sharpies can be (I mean, what is more fun than coloring with PERMANENT markers?), but they did a good job in keeping my interest and making me want to go drop my food budget for the week on a pack of 20.

Like I said before, I love that Sharpie is participating in breast cancer awareness month in October. The post of the social responsibility of the company is unique, using it to not only move the product, but involve it in raising money and awareness for a cause. (I’m tired of companies simply putting a pink banner up and calling themselves supporters of the cause! Do something unique!!) Such, for each autograph submitted to their website signed in pink Sharpie, the company will donate $1 to City of Hope. Although many celebrities are submitting their autographs, the autographs do not have to be of celebrities. In their own words, “when it comes to giving, everyone is a celebrity.” Way to make me feel special, Sharpie šŸ™‚

Finally, I love that Sharpie is blogging neither in bombast nor jargon, but in wording that the average internet-surfer would understand. Using modern slang, but not so much as to sound ignorant, Sharpie is approachable and, well, fun!

Sharpie seems to have a firm grasp on the benefits of blogging; from features to guest bloggers, contests to causes, Sharpie got me. If you’re looking for a blog about what kind of fumes Sharpie is planning on taking out of their markers to decrease abuse of their products or how Sharpie designs the tips of each kind of marker, this is not the type of blog you want. The content is fun and interactive (contests, twitter, commenting, etc), not purely informational or one-way. I give Sharpie 4.5 stars out of 5.0 (losing half a point for the excessively long pages and a slightly cluttered feeling.)

If you want to submit a pink autograph to support the cause, submit to!

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