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Completely Capturing the Digs!

October 12, 2010


Photo from Apple Inc's Hot News Feed.


Apple Inc. has to be one the best cultivators and practitioners of community relational PR in the economic marketplace. Though their tactics often violate conventional intellectual PR wisdom espoused in educational curriculum, they are highly successful at creating tangible links between their products and community benefit.

Recently researchers turned to Apple’s latest blockbuster release to solve an age-old problem in researching, recording and documenting history for future generations. “For Dr. Steven Ellis, who directs the University of Cincinnati’s archaeological excavations at Pompeii, perhaps the most significant discovery at the site this year was iPad,” according to a recent post on Apple Inc’s website.

It is certainly inarguable that we human beings are fascinated with our origin and progression. Though up and till now, accurately and completely documenting archaeological digs was an arduous task that often was riddled with detrimental limitation in fully capturing the essence of all evidence discovered. Though the University of Cincinnati’s John Wallrodt, a colleague of Ellis who’s idea it was to use the iPad at the Pompeii excavation, explains candidly how the device has revolutionized the excavation process, “Perfectly portable, with no moving parts, a Multi-Touch screen, and a battery that lasts the whole workday, iPad was practically custom built for our needs.”

Ellis goes further in detailing the impact of the iPad on the tedious task of the Pompeii archaeological dig,” It was the ability to enter so many disparate kinds of information, recording everything from architectural elements to fish scales and bones to the actual sequences of events. That my team could both type and draw on the screen, and also examine all previously entered data,[that] made it an ideal single-device solution.”

The genius in this most excellent example of community relational PR is that Apple Inc. did not have to do anything out of their normal course of business to capture the benefit of the story. They did not even provide the iPad’s. Though the exponential benefit gained from highlighting its tangible impact on a highly regarded societal function is nearly infinite. The MAC world is full of varying and disparate techies, but now a new and unique niche can be added to the ever-growing population of the MAC nation, archaeologists! And ask yourself one question, who is not interested in our origin and evolution?

I big tip of the ole sombrero el conquistador Apple for yet another immensely impactful invention!

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  1. Trace Williams permalink
    October 12, 2010 12:18 pm

    Ahhhhh! No comment on the warm and fuzzy community appeal factor from this most excellent example of PR from a corporate blog? Though you must readily admit that you most certainly accessed the Apple Store website to inquire about financing your new iPad!

  2. kellyrizzo permalink
    October 12, 2010 7:11 pm

    The Apple Store website is NOT a corporate blog. Period. And I just confirmed with Dr. Smith that the assignment was in fact to write about a corporate or CEO blog and he says there was no “expansion on the original directive” of the assignment. It appears that the cat you’ve pulled out of your hat is not quite as “stellar” as you thought. defines blog as “a journal written on-line and accessible to users of the Internet.” A press release posted on a company website and an on-line journal are not the same thing.

    For what it’s worth, I enjoy a good ole’ patronizing tone in an on-line forum almost as much as I do in person.

    • Trace Williams permalink
      October 12, 2010 10:06 pm

      Well you didn’t seem to clarify correctly. And who the heck said that the article came from the Apple Store website? Wow, you have a lot to do about nothing young lady. Immaturity is a terrible sign at this stage in life. Never make openly asinine comments without fully having a grasp of your fact correctness. This blog post came from the Apple Corporate Blog!

      So in-fact both of my assignment BLOG post were indeed stellar, trumped yours and your obviously fragile ego was shattered like a proverbial glass ceiling. Don’t worry as you mature, if that occurs, you will understand fully how experience provides exponential insight into the complexities of life. And furthermore, you will develop extreme regrets in not recognizing the fact before hand.

      • Trace Williams permalink
        October 12, 2010 11:02 pm

        Oh yea, and least I forget. Blog: a journal written on-line and accessible to users of the Internet(, a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site( [perhaps a more trusted site for literary excellence].

        Now Twitter would qualify by these definitions because it is indeed a website, it contains a personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer, it is written online and accessible to users of the internet.

        The Apple Corporate Blog or Hot News as they more aptly seek to call it, given Mr. Job’s disdain for blogs, would qualify because it is indeed a website, it contains a personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer (which in this case is Apple’s external corporate communications department), it is written online and accessible to users of the internet. This blog or Hot News site contains a variety of helpful information about Apple, its products, its work in the community, its tangible community relational PR, its opinions on recent publicity, and many other relevant PR type information pieces. And in fact, press releases are a whole other part of their website.

        Now I understand from your long-winded rant that you have personal disdain for those who are vastly more successful and motivated than you. Furthermore, you express that you believe that we owe you and/or others in society something for having achieved success. But by making that statement, you fail to fully grasp the concept of LIBERTY which is the cherished fundamental right that we as Americans are afforded. See most highly successful Americans come from extremely humble backgrounds that did little more than provide motivation for the success that we achieve.

        Now the beauty behind LIBERTY is that individuals who do become highly successful naturally recognize the contribution that society has made to their success and they not only put their money to work in improving society, many work tirelessly through various means to better society. One person who comes to mind is someone I respect immensely and his name is Jon Huntsman, Sr. who has to date donated to charity nearly 80% of his wealth and works tirelessly through various charitable organizations to better the American community. He has further pledged to die broke, meaning he will die without a dime to his name.

        So in short, one should not be so closed-minded, jump to conclusions, and make assertions without knowing all the facts.

  3. kellyrizzo permalink
    October 13, 2010 1:24 am

    Well, you certainly can dish out the insults but it appears you aren’t so great at taking a little criticism yourself. Being so overwhelmingly self-righteous all the time must be absolutely exhausting. Calling me young lady and questioning my maturity would normally leave me highly offended, but after nearly two months in class with you, I’ve come to expect nothing less. You show little to no respect for any other person in the classroom, including Dr. Smith. You have the gall to openly scoff at people when they express their opinions and tell us we’re all wrong without actually listening to anything anyone is saying. A college classroom is a place people go to learn (from their instructors, not from you) and you have no right to openly laugh at and disregard what others say, simply because it is not in keeping with your opinion. Let us not forget that, in spite of your wild success, you too are a student in the classroom and seeking a Bachelor’s degree, just like the rest of us.

    Perhaps if you had read my blog in its entirety you would have seen that I came to the conclusion that Bill Gates is a man doing great things around the world. Nothing in my blog post indicated that I expect handouts from anyone – I simply expressed that I want to see people with the means to help others do so and I have absolutely nothing against successful, wealthy people who have worked hard to earn what they have – why would I? I come from a family of them, but you wouldn’t know that because I do not feel the need to broadcast that to everyone. They have taught me the value of hard work and I hold strong to that. As for my lack of motivation. I’ll let two and half years of straight As and substitute teaching speak for me. It’s more than a little absurd to accuse someone who is paying out of their own pocket to go to school full-time, while also working, unmotivated.

    You may have been a successful businessman but you seem to have a lot to learn about interpersonal communication and relationships. My guess is that you had highly-paid professionals taking care of those nagging little details when you still owned your company. Nonetheless, for a man of your vast experience and success I would expect more than what amounts to a schoolyard taunt.

    I find it somewhat amusing that you ended your rant by chastising me for being close-minded when in fact, you exemplify the quality. You cannot handle even the slightest bit of criticism or opposition which, in an academic setting, is the norm. You’re completely incapable of allowing anyone else to voice their opinion without rudely interrupting them to tell them they live in a fantasy land. I’d venture a guess that there is indeed a fragile ego involved in this conversation but it is definitely not mine. It takes more than a few long-winded insults to bruise my ego. You know what us immature kids say: “Sticks and stones.”

    • Trace Williams permalink
      October 13, 2010 3:53 am

      Well once again ignorance is indeed bliss I suppose. Though if the chronology is correct you started the schoolyard taunt and I merely provided a more mature response. As for the insults, you are free wielding of them but critical when receiving. That is blatant hypocrisy. As far as respect, I have not shown any lack of respect for you, Dr. Smith, or any other student. I have not laughed at the opinion of others, but when necessary I do point out a glaring opposition to reality for the mere benefit of everyone in the class. And I must say that in most cases Dr. Smith confirms those glances. And on the issue of scoffing, that has not been something that I’ve participated in but have been the subject of by you and others in the class.

      And self-righteousness, well anyone who truly knows me knows that is an inaccurate and intimidated point of view because I am very confident, I walk the walk, and I am extremely well read. I am in college to obtain yet another success that wasn’t necessary but was an experience I wanted to have in life. See like you, I am paying for this myself, I am caring for a mother with Alzheimers disease, starting a new enterprise, will have completed a bachelors of SCIENCE degree in economics with a minor in corporate communications in 2.5 years.

      And I readily admit I do not have all the answers and have in fact published that admission on this very site. I even reiterated that point the first day of class when I readily admitted I was extremely successful but I was in the class to learn about something I was not an expert in. I am extremely talented with cultivating communications but have little interest or expertise in actually disseminating it to mass audiences outside of my world. I can handle well conceived criticism quite nicely and built my success upon that very principle. And I never rudely interrupt anyone who is expressing an opinion and opposing ones opinion is a prerogative that everyone has.

      Once again I am sorry to say that your facts are deeply flawed and intimidatingly misguided. Every professor who I’ve had associations with, except two, have developed into intellectual friends that I have been able to lean on for advancement of intellect, which is the primary purpose of obtaining a bachelors of SCIENCE degree. Countless students have befriended me for my academically confirmed intellect and my ability to ground subject matter. Classrooms are places for discussion, debate, and universal education. I would think that is why Dr. Smith conducts his classes the way he does.

      I also want to address my own ego. I taut my success because it is a very proud accomplishment. Although my ego is hardly out of check. I credit much of my success to the very capable people that I surrounded myself with who had greater expertise in specialized disciplines that I was lacking in. In fact, those very people were handsomely rewarded and shared equally in my success. That is hardly the definition of egomaniacal. I do feel however that it is important that young people understand the very real difference between reality and academic instruction. Having owned a business and hired college graduates, I can testify that few are fully prepared for the realities of the business world and the learning curve costs to firms is growing increasingly intolerable. With a recessed economy, it will become more and more difficult for college graduates to obtain work in their fields because of this glaring discrepancy. It is my opinion that Dr. Smith is a ray of sunlight by highlighting realities that you will face and vehemently encouraging you to understand the difference between academic instruction and real world practice.

      And finally I am going to resend my earlier “child like” insults of immaturity and young lady as well as my implication of unmotivated and inferior success as they were a lapse in judgment and uncalled for. I extend my true and sincere apologies to you and pledge to not allow it to happen again despite any context that may arise. I applaud you for your efforts to succeed and genuinely hope that you are able to translate EVERYTHING that you learn into real world applications that render success.

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