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“Ding nuts”

October 12, 2010

“Ding”! The thinking bulb went on in the heads of the PR team of Southwest Airlines. They created the Nuts about Southwest Blog which aim is to give visitors the opportunity to interact with the airline company. This media outlet gives customers a chance to build a personal  relationship with both employees, employers and customers. However, the blog stresses that it is not a forum to voice personal customer service issues. Its purpose is to display opposing viewpoints and to remain as diverse , fun and multi-sided as possible.

The Nuts about Southwest Blog is a perfect example of good PR and corporate blogging. The company keeps the customers informed on various upcoming events and promotions while also exhibiting the company’s core principles—A Warrior’s Spirit, a Servant’s Heart, and a Fun LUV-ing Attitude—directly with the community . For example, Southwest airlines recently celebrated The Red River rivalry with the UT Longhorns vs. The OU Sooners game with their 8th annual Pigskin Plane pull competition. The two teams pulled the 83,000 pound Boeing 737 plane over a 50 yard course. To no surprise, the Longhorn fans took the victory of the pigskin pull. This is a prime example of Southwest embracing the culture of its customers while also keeping others entertained and in tune with events in the community.

Southwest Airlines knows their target audience and they are well aware of impact of media outlets and that is one of the reasons why their blog is so successful. In their guidelines  it specifies that not every blog posts will receive a quick response and they request the patience of the bloggers. Southwest blog have a balance of professionalism and practicality which makes for the best way to connect with the publics.

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