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Vans rockin’ & rollin’ since 1966

October 12, 2010

Van’s shoe company has kept up well with social media considering it’s 44 years old!

Vans twitter (follow @Vans_66), run by Nikki S. one of their employees, is full of promotions, deals, responses to followers, and upcoming events having anything to do with Vans. The events range from Van corporate events to “Boards&Bikes&Music&Arts” – as cleverly stated under the description on Twitter. They truly embrace the people and things that have made them such a popular and long lasting shoe company. Their interaction with followers and supporters is undeniable evident. Their love and passion for the arts and sports that have made them who they are is simply awesome.

Vans Facebook (!/VANS?v=wall) is cleverly similar to Twitter, but not identical. It is full of video clips, pictures, and promotions. They have also clearly commented on others posts. They even have a tab with new products – totally cool and great use of marketing!

Vans Blog ( is “Talking About Stuff About Vans” – as stated on the site, and it does just that. The site is full of more video clips, pictures, and van related stuff from all over the world. It incorporates on the right hand side a mini feed of recent tweets and news releases.  Unfortunately, the blog isn’t necessarily owned by Van. It is run by Nikki S., an employee who works in Vans marketing department, who runs their Twitter. It does however show her commitment to the company and belief of embracing all social media outlets.

They even have others blogging about their great company, products, uniqueness and customer service. Here is just one example where I was able to learn even more about the brand through a very obvious supporter

Vans social media and public relations is far beyond par in my opinion. They are interactive with their customers and supporters through all mediums. They keep the public informed with upcoming events, products, promotions, and anything relative to the Vans line. I think it is awesome that they promote events they feel their followers might be interested in even if it isn’t a corporate Vans event. Their use of social media fits their customers and is intriguing to possible newbie’s. I didn’t see any negative feedback from customers; so they must be doing something right!

Vans only downfalls in my opinion are as follows. Their website had no links to their Twitter, Facebook or blog. Their Twitters background had boxes on the left with text/information and half of it is cut off, come on Vans I was interested by it and would like to be able to read it! I am sure they can take some constructive criticism though.

Hey Vans, way to go, now I want a pair!

Vans, customade for YOU!

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