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Be Glamorous Every Day

October 14, 2010

As I notice the weather FIINALLY beginning to cool a bit and Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner; I realize that the days of lazy flip flops, cool sundresses, bikinis, and those all too enticing short shorts are coming to an end for this year. So I turn to my closet for something to wear and to my surprise (yes…a surprise even though I swear this happens year) I have absolutely nothing to wear. Fortunately, I turn to my my email to discover an email from the  The Zoe Report subject line reading “Climate Control: Cool Weather Essentials Under $200!” I am saved!

Like her or not, Rachel Zoe is force in the fashion world and Hollywood that can’t be ignored. She is one of the top stylists EVER and hot gotten more celebrities on best-dress lists in magazines, online, TV, etc. than anyone in recent history.   This petite, and at times, fragile looking woman didn’t get to be this successful just sitting on her behind or kicking around in the dirt…even if she was kicking around in Christian Louboutins or Jimmy Choos. She’s inredibly buisness minded and savvy and has sacrificed and worked to the point of being called a workaholic, even in detriment to her own health! She has created a Rachel Zoe empire in more ways than one.

First and Foremost Rachel as a stylist. She has so many celebrity clientele that styles for parties, awards shows, appearances, promotional tours, every day life, etc. Anything you can think of, even court appearances! Rachel is behind some of the best dress celebrities in Hollywood. She also styles for numerous Magazine photo spreads, Advertisements on TV and in magazines,  and photo shoots for billboards, or even personal photo shoots. Her own pesronal email newsletter/blog  titled TheZoeReport allows her be a stylist in your own personal daily life. It includes tips on everything from shoes and clothes to hair products and even hot new tech gear.

Second we have Rachel Zoe the reality star. In addition to simply styling, Rachel has partnered with Bravo TV and has her own reality TV show titled The Rachel Zoe Project . The Show follows Rachel around in her personal life as well as her business life. This season one of the main focus was on how successful and huge she and her business have become and how she has expanded her brand into an empire, but also that she has been unsuccessful in retaining any sort of personal life, and how she struggles to find a a balance between work and potentially starting a family with her husband. On you can watch full episodes, see photos, read facts and recent news regarding Rachel and the other stars, and also chat with them and others through blogs.

Third, we have Rachel the Zoe the designer. With success as stylist and an endless amount of knowledge styles, fits, and cuts that flatter a person’s body, Rachel challenged herself to designing her own “affordable” clothing line so the every-day person can look and feel as fabulous as the celebrities they admire. She partnered with QVC and to sell and produce her line. She debuted her line at New York’s Fall Fashion Week with a fashion show that was televised on QVC as well. It was extremely successful and many of her items sold completely out in minutes!

Rachel also has her own personal blogs so she can stay connected with fans and offer them tips and advice and answer questions on a personal level. You can follow her as well as friend her on Facebook. Despite the fact that she has had no proper training in styling, designing, or fashion Rachel has created and empire fashioistas world wide can admire. She is innovative, creative, business-savvy, and hard working. She has used great PR strategy in combining TV, with email, blogs, social networking…the list could go on and on…to get her to where she stands (in her platform heals) at the top of the fashion world. Tiny little Rachel Zoe, love her or hate her, is a force to be reckoned with.

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