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DC’s Gymkhana Videos Pay Off

October 25, 2010

DC Shoe Co. has steadily become one of the most saavy and successful businesses with their clever marketing strategies and viral video campaigns. The Gymkhana ads not only feature DC’s shoes but advertise Ken Block’s risky gymkhana manuevers.

The DC brand has always been known for their skateboarding shoes and apparell. It was first created by Ken Block and Damon Way in 1993 and quickly became known for action sports as well. In addition to boards and clothing for adults and children the DC brand also landed their own professional sports teams including snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, BMX, motocross, and now rally car driving.

Ken Block first started rally car driving in 2005 and has won Rookie of the Year in the Rally America Championship as well as many X Games medals. Not only have the Gymkhana campaign ads boosted business for DC but they have allowed Ken Block to achieve worldwide fame as a rally car driver. Known as the TeamWorks Collection, the line of clothing and shoes was released to honor Block for his achievements and featured his own hand-drawn DC design. This was when the first Gymkhana videos were released, called Gymkhana TWO, and they featured Ken Block’s mad rally skills in a 2009 WRX Sti built by Crawford Performance. These videos quickly became overnight viral successes and at the time of their release gained well over over 20 million views. Gymkhana TWO received top honors from Ad Age Magazine, was voted one of the top viral videos of all time, and won several other prestigious awards. The launch of Gym3: Part 1 and the highly anticipated Gym3: Part 2 in which Block is driving the new Ford Fiesta affirms that DC is creating unsurpassed brand recognition and are ahead of all other companies in the sports action industry.

DC has always been a well-known brand for skateboarding and apparell but in the last few years their name has come up in many other sports competitions. Their innovative and fresh approaches to advertising and viral campaigns send them over the edge when compared with other extreme sports enthusiast companies. Not only are they selling more products but they have successfully obtained a huge online community of followers and fellow enthusiasts. DC is definitley at the top of their game and I think it’s safe to say that we have not heard the last of Ken Block or the Gymkhana videos. DC followers are highly anticipating what else this innovative company has up their sleeves for the future.

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