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Test Drive a Mitsubishi- From the Comfort of Your Home

October 26, 2010

Mitsubishi’s online test drive is a technological first! If you want to be a part of the evolving technology, all you need is the internet and a drivers license to sign up. Greg Adams, Vice President of Marketing for Mitsubishi in North America: “The stunt, dubbed Mitsubishi Live Drive, is a major social media component which will provide valuable marketing information and be a source of potential sales leads for when the vehicle goes on sale.”

The Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) “Live Drive” campaign includes “elements of traditional public relations practice with enhanced emphasis and capability influencing interactive and social media functions. Integrated into the marketing mission, will also help lend expertise, planning and activation support for the media messaging, product launch events, marketing events, promotions and product initiatives that MMNA will tackle this year.” “We see this project as part of the ever-expanding blur between the virtual world and the physical world,” noted William Gelner, Executive Creative Director at 180 LA (Mitsubishi’s Creative Advertising Agency). “A prime example of how technology continues to evolve the way we approach even the simplest experiences, like test-driving a car.”

The Mitsubishi Live Drive has not only changed technological capability but it has created a new way for people to shop for a car. “We know people love the car when they get behind the wheel. But if you can’t get them to a dealership that easily… Why not bring that experience to them,” Greg Adams. Consumers can literally test drive the Outlander in their underwear if they want to.

As a native Houstonian, I know that I don’t always have total control of my actual vehicle (considering my not-so-perfect driving record), so having full control of a vehicle over the internet made me think twice before I signed up for the online test drive. What is the virtual speed limit? Am I allowed to text and virtual drive? “The answer to this particular challenge is a sophisticated GPS system that tracks the car’s every movement and automatically takes control of the vehicle if it is driven outside the boundaries of the course.”

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