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TI cut by AXE

October 26, 2010

Just recently Hip-hop artist and actor T.I was dropped from the AXE body spray campaign due to a recent arrest on drug charges. Axe added the artist to their promotional campaign earlier this year

and had him play in New  York with the Axe Music One Night Only Concert. A reason this seems to be a big deal is because the image of TI prior to his second arrest is that He was this changed man

after being incarcerated for weapon charges. He came out a “new person”  that had this different image of his fellow rap artist. Where most ever other rapper was talking about drugs and violence he

was the opposite in talking about turning your life around and go in a positive direction. He came out and had his own TV show on MTV called “Road to redemption” which showed him interacting

with these people that were living these negative lifestyles and told and showed them that there is another way and a better way. His image for people was this positive role model that was once wrong

and now sees the right. So it seemed right to have someone like him with that image to promote for the company. The “brand” of TI himself  is being reflected also.  I myself was not a TI fan but I did start listening to him and i started kinda of supporting him after I

seen he was different from the rest in his industry, as so did many others who followed him. To those who he attracted after his first arrest and saw the changes he did now feel that sense of betrayal and lied to . I can understand where they are coming from for i am one. So after the second arrest the company could not afford to be tied with someone that brought back this negative image on him because it

would reflect the image of the company as well. So AXE did what they felt they had to and cut all ties with him from their campaign and everything else in order to keep the positive image to show

their customers. They deleted him from the AXE music page on facebook and from their website.


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