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Walk, txt, walk, call, walk, check status…stop, where am I?

October 26, 2010

Can somebody tell us how can someone be connected to everyone he/she knows, but be disconnected of the world around?  That is what Microsoft is trying to “FIX” (Hopefully not the same way as they did with Windows Vista…yes, I know).

Microsoft is running a video campaign, as part as their promotional efforts, with the new: Windows Phone 7. This is either a legit product, or like some people so eloquently put it: a CRY for help. Don’t ask me, you be the judge!!

You can say whatever you want about their motives, but what we have to agree on is the way their message is displayed. It is actually pretty effective and clever.

Instead of talking about the phone itself, or the advantages, or features, their focus is the atmosphere of the audience itself.

The whole point of communication devices is to connect one another. However, audiences, in the real world, have lost sight of the real meaning of communication. No? Look at the person right next to you, he is either on the phone or texting or checking his status online, but hasn’t bothered to look at you…mmm maybe ONCE?!! Much less asking you for the time or the most miraculous thing: What is your name?  The point is that in the midst of this communication age, people are less connected than ever on “real-time” and on “real-place”.

The fact that this issue is being mentioned is just shocking: a company that acknowledges the actual world instead of stats to prove a point about the product. Whether you agree or not, this is by far, one of the best advances in advertising and PR that I have seen. Not only is it funny, it’s TRUE!!

The product itself is not the issue here, the message behind it is what matters in this campaign: BE HERE NOW.

Are you here? Now? Or are you…. Go ahead answer that….

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