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Tangled: ‘SMOLDER by Flynn’

November 23, 2010

The Disney movie, Tangled , is promoted though a fake advertisment, “the fake ad is a spoof of those artsy commercials for fragrances. This time, we have the cologne called ‘Smolder by Flynn,’ which itself is poking fun of Flynn Rider’s look that is supposed to woo the girls.”

After viewing this hilarious youtube video I knew I wanted to see this movie. But, would a five or even an eight-year-old understand the commercial….? I don’t think Disney intended this “fake ad” to be understood by children.

Disney is trying to make its movies and products appealing to everyone, the name of the movie for example, which was originally ‘Repunzel Unbraided’, was changed to Tangled and focused the story around the love interest, Flynn, to make the movie more appealing to boys.
From a maketing state of mind, this is a very smart decision, Especially since Black Friday and Christmas are coming fast and I’m sure ‘Tangled’ will have a full line of products targeted to both boys and girls.

Disney is also using Klout Perks (a site/service that is designed to show you – and others – how influential you are on Twitter) to promote ‘Tangled’ by giving away goodies to influencer who take positive action about the movie.

I do not know anyone under 15 who uses Twitter- Which makes me believe the purpose of the Klout Perks and ‘Smolder’ Frangrance ad is to appeal to an older audience to ensure that the Disney marketing team has covered all of its bases and not only the kids will be excited to see this movie, but the parents will be excited too.

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    チャンルー メンズ

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