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Case Study Write-Up #1

September 13, 2011

Twitter- Trending topics

  • A trending topic is a word, phrase or topic that is tweeted multiple times on twitter. Trending topics become popular through an event that makes people talk about one specific topic.
  • In my case study I will be proving that trending topics are an effective way to get information across the world.
  • Trending topics are excellent ways to get information around the world because people can get popular and important news without having to turn to on a television or read a newspaper, which can be an inconvenience at times.
  •             I decided to use trending topics for my study case because it helps people discover the most breaking new stories from across the world. Trending topics are also easy to identify. One sign of a trending topic is if the topic has a number sign before the word or phrase. This number sign is called a hash tag on Twitter and it is put there specifically to indicate a trending topic. Therefore, Twitter users can follow the conversation search.

            I made this assessment because trending topics are a unique, easy and fun way to gain access to important news and information. For example, I’m interested in politics. But, I do not have a lot of spare time to watch CNN on television. While in class I found out that Donald Trump was running for the 2012 presidential election. Although Trump is no longer running for presidency I was informed promptly on the subject and I got a first look on peoples’ thoughts and opinions about this specific topic.

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